Parents Perspective

Parents Perspective

Here is what some of the parents of our campers have to say about SEEK Camp:

Dear SEEK Staff,

Words cannot express what your camp has meant to my daughter and me. The fact that she has a place to go for this kind of experience, where she is not only cared for but accepted for who she is…that’s huge! I know she has a great time because she watches the video over and over…and over…and over. Sometimes she even packs her backpack and goes and gets in the car, saying “Camp”.

This will be our last year for Children’s’ SEEK camp, but she will definitely attend the Youth Camp next summer if at all possible.

Just to let you know what a mother does while her child is at camp…
Lindsay’s first year I wall papered my living room and spent some quality time with my middle daughter at a cabin on Lake Texoma. When we left my her sister at camp that first year, we were both so scared to leave. I kept the cell phone right beside me the whole time. Of course, you never called.

This year, I did what “I” wanted to do. My oldest daughter is driving and has a job, so I went on a date with my husband, went shopping and to lunch with friends.

Thanks SEEK volunteers. You not only have served my child and my family, you have served the Lord this week!

…for when you did it to the least of these…you did it to Me. Matthew 25:40

God Bless You All!

Dear SEEK Counselors,

SEEK Camp has been a God send and we love you all. Thank you for all your hard work and love you give to make it such a wonderful place for our very special children. These past two years since our son has attended camp, I have seen such a positive change in him. He likes himself better now and has made friends at school. Please keep up the great job you are doing, because you and your staff are making good things happen in a lot of very special children’s lives.

Letter from a Parent

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do! We picked up our son today from camp, and I was moved to tears to see him interacting and smiling.

To see that he had made friends and had so much fun! – I do not know if you can truly understand just how much it means to us as parents to see him that way. As a child with Aspergers, he spends most of his time alone and so lonely. Asking us almost every day, “Why don’t I have friends?” And when you do find someone close to his age who will spend time with him, we have to worry about how he will act, or what he will do when he is with the friend and family – as most people do not take the time to try to understand a child with Aspergers. They simply see a “normal” looking kid who is “odd”.

I can tell you that when we drop our child off for camp, I am totally at ease, knowing that he is in good hands, and in a loving Christian environment, and for that I thank all the staff from the bottom of my heart!

The counselors are incredible – our child thinks the world of his counselors – and told us on the way home, that if he could pick anyone to be his brother, it would be his counselor!

Thanks again – and please let us know if we can ever do anything to help with the camps, we would be honored to help in any way we can! Y’all really do the work of the Lord!

A SEEK Mother